PHP Patterns is small team of 7 programmer friends from Fresno, California who are trying to make the world a better place by waking up programmers that are hidden in all of us. Just kidding, we realize that not everyone has the capacity or the willpower to stick with programming for long enough to get good and productive, but still it doesn’t hurt to try and spark the imagination of kids and adults alike.

PHP Patterns team consists of 7 of us. There’s me, Heather Griffin, and my buddies Jake Wilson, Tom Selford, Carl Crawford, Ian Vicarson, Lee Mitchell, Vince Cooper and last but not least Dean Howell. All of us met when we were at the college together, studying computer science at Berkley. Now we have jobs and we’ve become alarmed by the ever decreasing number of people who decide to take up computer programming as their profession, in any shape or form.

As a way of getting the public familiar with coding, we’ll talk about the best methods of learning, give tips on how to get started, where to pick off if you’re familiar with some basics, etc. Stay tuned we have plans on setting up a forum, like we’ve already mentioned, and also a wiki to help others share content.