Multiple places exist out there where people can get familiar with coding. In fact, so many of them exist that it can be quite difficult to find your bearings if you don’t know where and what to look for.

Where to start learning how to program if you’re a beginner

One of the best places for learning the basics of coding and programming general would be the WiBit.Net website. They have a total of 10 separate courses that cover everything from the basics of computer science and programming, to advanced lectures in things like the C++, Java and scripting languages.

Lessons available at are actually video lessons and they are very easy to follow. Mobile apps also exist that can help you access and keep track of your lesson progress on Did I mention that all these things are available for free.

Learning coding and programming on e-learning platforms

Many e-learning platforms have seem to cropped up over the last few years. A couple of my friends from work, myself included, have brushed up on their/our knowledge of certain programming techniques using these, so I definitely recommend them to the more advanced users. Starting from the less advanced to more in-depth ones, they are: – FREE

People who are interesting in getting their feet wet in web development languages should look into as their starting point. They have courses in HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuerry, PHP, Python, Ruby and also a course in APIs. – FREE

Coursera is another great place that offers a diverse selection of lectures from top universities from across the United States. Registration is free, and there are free lectures that are available, however, most of the advanced lectures require an admission fee. – PAID

Udemy is a great place with countless thousands of lectures from professionals with experience. There are free lectures that are available, but do note that most of the higher quality lectures are paid. They can cost quite a bit of money, so what I suggest is catching promotions on websites like where lecture bundles can be bought in “Pay what you want” types of packages.

More advanced resources for learning how to code

We’ve now covered lectures for beginners and intermediate users, but what about those who are more advanced? Well they need to start looking firstly at other peoples projects on GitHub, BitBucket and other similar websites.

Reason why I’m saying that is because they need to see how other people are solving all the various problems that they face out there in the field. There is a difference between theory and practice. Same thing is true for everything in life, but especially in programming. The more examples of problem solutions made by other people that you take a look at, the more will you be able to give solutions to similar problems in the future.

Last, but not least, it’s worth mentioning that each programming and coding language that exists has a massive amounts of documentation available on their home pages. Take for example the PHP wiki, they cover every function, variable type, you name it, with lots of examples of usage. Looking for info there might be a tad bit intimidating for a novice, but it’s absolutely vital for the more advanced user. That’s it for now. Hopefully one the resources mentioned above will help you get started with your coding adventures. Let us know if you have any other good suggestions, we’re sure that there’s a lot of them we’ve missed. Cheers.